Wednesday, 16 April 2014

How Long Does A Sore Throat Last?

A good question is how long should a sore throat last and while everyone is different myn have lasted between 2-7 days in the past. Beating a sore throat completely within 2 days was rare for me, however the more common ones lasted around 4 days. Bad sore throats which were also rare sometimes lasted up until one week.

This has a lot to do with rest and work as well. Sometimes even If i had a sore throat I would go to work, which is full time work and usually the sore throat would last from that monday to the weekend. The reason is because I am working and acting like normal, I am not dedicating extra time to resting which I should have been doing. 

So when I was not resting and working the sore throats would last longer. However I remember one time during the Christmas holiday period I got a sore throat. It was painful but the timing was lucky because I had nothing planned at all for the next week so I had a lot of time to rest. And after a lot of sleep, eating and staying in warm clothes I managed to beat the sore throat completely within two days. And by the third day I had no trace or feeling of a sore throat at all. In fact I felt like i was at optimum health still.

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